Festival news: Mandalagon in Cork

Experimental triple date in Camden Palace...

For those looking to treat their ear holes to something a little different this weekend, why not pop into Camden Palace to interactively experience sounds and waveforms as part of an ever-changing sound-sculpture. Forever one of Cork's major cultural hubs, the Camden Quay theatre will host three days of Mandalagon, granting "participants freedom to engage with and expand on the form" created using existing "arrangement of instruments and audio equipment" by Cork-based musicians such as Ten Past Seven's Rory Francis O'Brien, one of the festival's organisers, who will be contributing throughout the weekend.

The current running order looks like this:

Friday 26th July
3pm - Creating the mandala - placing the six pianos
5pm - Improvised pianos
7pm - After event discussion

Saturday 27th July
12pm - Open platform sound event
3pm - Sound event - half hour exercises and experiments ie. drone, chant,
4pm - Set performance
7pm - After event discussion

Sunday 28th July
2pm - Open platform
4pm - Set performance, invited collaborators.
5pm - Break down of mandala

The schedule is a framework subject to change. Events may extend or cease, to accommodate invited participants.

A number of ideas will be explored over the weekend including the possibility of affecting "a shift in brain function using sound to stimulate the area of the brain that bio-behavioral scientists believe relates to mood, empathy and social behavior" which piqued my own personal interest. Possibly not positive tasting to every sonic palette, yet surely even the most conservative of audio-diners will find it difficult not to be fascinated by the concepts in play so make sure to pop your inquisitive little heads in - if even for a half hour - if city-bound this weekend.

For more on Mandalagon visit:

- Mandalagon takes place in Camden Palace, Cork from 26th-28th July 2013
- Refreshments available from the inhouse café

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