Out on a Limb 10 Year Anniversary

Limbering up for one hell of a party...

Cherished Limerick label Out On A Limb celebrate ten years in an unforgiving business in two weekends time with an-all day get-together in their home city. The Irish indie - home to Peter Delaney, Rest, Owensie, windings and more - sets up shop in both Bourke's (from 2.30pm until 5.30pm) and long term live cohorts Dolan's for a day long celebration of a decade's work both celebrating, promoting and releasing independent Irish music.

With such strong Cork connections (Ten Past Seven, Elk, the aforementioned Rest, the now - sadly - defunct Waiting Room and Hooray For Humans and of course OOAL co-founder Albert Twomey now of Plugd Records) here's hoping the OOAL lads bring the anniversary show on tour. Unlikely but a man can dream can't he...

Highlight of the night is already wrapped up in the punk-rock shape of the one-off reformation of Giveamanakick, whose 2003 full-length Is It Ok To Be Loud, Jesus? kickstarted ten years of OOAL releases before disbanding in 2009.

The line-up for Saturday 10th August (no specific running order as of yet):

Bourke's BarDolan's
Peter Delaney (3.30pm)Crayonsmith (8.30pm)
Hidden Highways (3.50pm)Windings (9.30pm)
Owensie (4.40pm)Elk (9.30pm)
Jogging (11.30pm)
giveamanakick (12.30am)

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- Out On A Limb's 10th anniversary concert takes place Saturday, 10th August 2013
- Tickets are €10 and cover entry to both venues. Tickets are available from Dolan's, Bourke's Bar and dolans.ie
- See official Facebook event for more details

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