What's he building in there: little xs for eyes #2

Little xs' bass-toting bombardier Harry Bookless describes the rest of his band through song(s)...

From mercurial Belgium legends to be-permed eighties starlets, little xs for eyes' rhythm rogue Harry Bookless discusses the myriad of diverse influences that combine to create the little xs' sound in the second post of an ongoing series. For those who missed post numero uno click here for a catch-up. Here's Harry with the inside scoop:

Being in a band with six people who have different tastes in music means that we have quite an eclectic range of influences bouncing around in our heads while we make this album. While I've been recording everybody's parts, I've learnt a lot more about what each person brings to the band. So I've searched YouTube and recreated the band in the form of songs that I think represent us.


Michelle: Glass Candy'Warm In The Winter'
"Michelle introduced us all to Glass Candy, and a recent band excursion saw us all covered in beer, sweat and happiness at their gig in The Village. Michelle is definitely channelling that night into her synth playing."


Davey: Metronomy – 'The Look'

"Davey loves this band. The guitar lines remind me of his subtle playing. He smiled a lot watching Metronomy at Electric Picnic last year. We need a light show."


Lucy: Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci
"From touring around with the band last year I've learnt that Lucy has several party pieces. My two favourite being her improvisational songs about various pets she's had and her ability to rap along to this whole song. She should definitely have a rap on the album. The G funk synth line on this song also reminds me of some of the synth she plays."


Adrian: dEUS – Instant Street
"I've never met somebody so dedicated to a band as Ado is to dEUS. He's stuck with them through the highs and the lows - which is pretty much the last ten years. This song is from 1999. That's how far back I have to go. It's also one of the best songs I've ever heard. I can definitely hear Ado's drumming in it and the lyrics remind me of him too."


Bennie: The Bangles'I'll Set You Free'
"Bennie is pretty much Dublin's Susanna Hoffs. I don't even know if she likes The Bangles but she writes catchy hits like them. And if she got a bit of a perm she could easily pull off being in a Bangles tribute band."


Me (Harry): The Cure – Pictures Of You
"I've never played bass in a band before. I've spent my whole time in little xs sneaking up to the higher notes to try and make it sound like a guitar. I think I have guitar envy. The bassist in The Cure has guitar envy too. That's all of us!"


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