Exclusive: First listen to Valley of the Sun by The Vincent(s)

Sneaky preview of latest track from The Vincent(s)...

Cork pop pariahs The Vincent(s) brush the glad-rags down in preparation for the release of début EP 'Valley of the Sun' which graces the shelves of Irish independent stores on Friday. An extract from the recent review:

"Scooping a megaphone to hand, Margus Charles Allen's introductory bark transforms to more of an incantation or call to arms on the title track, beckoning the townsfolk to follow him pied-piper style towards the mystical 'Valley of the Sun'."

For the full review of the EP click here. For an exclusive listen to the title track, simply press play on the player below:

Upcoming tour dates:
  • 23rd Aug – Whelan's, Dublin
  • 24th Aug – Dolan's, Limerick
  • 7th Sept - The Townhouse, Galway
  • 13th Sept - Underground Cinema Film Festival, Dun Laoghaire
  • 14th Sept – The Pavilion, Cork

For more on The Vincent(s) visit:

- The Vincent(s) release Valley of the Sun on FIFA Records on 23rd August 2013
- Next gig is Whelan's in Dublin on Friday, 23rd August

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