New video: Pixies

"You put the cock in cocktail"

Slightly off-kilter riff: check. Edgy verse: check, check. Catchy melodic chorus: checkity check check check.'Indie Cindy', the title track from Pixies' recently released EP, is the cracking new single from Black Francis and his forever young band-mates who are set for a double date in Dublin come November with two shows booked for Dame Street's Olympia Theatre. The full tracklisting for the limited edition 10":

01. Andro Queen
02. Another Toe In The Ocean
03. Indie Cindy
04. What Goes Boom

For more on Pixies visit:

- Pixies' limited edition 4-track EP Indie Cindy is available over on
- Pixies play Olympia Theatre, Dublin on 18th & 19th November 2013

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