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Pay day and Plugd sale makes G-Man a broke boy...

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Back to the baked beans for dinner so following the latest visit to Tobin Street's not-so-hidden treasure, Plugd Records. With 25% off all stock, I was lured in akin to a helpless seabass mindlessly chasing a newly polished fly. The difference being at the end of the day - unlike my ill-fated aquatic chum - I was free to amble off home for a contented listen to my new purchases, which are listed below.

This week's Plugd purchases were:

Pure Bathing Culture - Moon Tides

I had been meaning to pick this up for quite some time but, bravely resisting the easy "add-to-cart" compulsion, I allowed the ritual of stumbling upon a eagerly sought record to happen organically. And so it did on Saturday to my schoolgirl-squealing giddy delight.

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Marnie Stern - The Chronicles of Marnia

I think my evening tweeting encapsulates the excitement brought forth by the purchase of the new Marnie album perfectly.

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Josephine Foster - Blood Rushing

If a reminder was needed that visits to Plugd can unearth more than just new records, then a recent invite to a garden gig with Colorado song-queen Josephine Foster tops the "extras" pile. The album was promptly placed in my hand upon entering the Triskel Arts Centre-based blessing on my subsequent visit.

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Glenn Jones - My Garden State

My Garden State has not received a proper listen as of yet (bloody 24-hour days) but word has it Thrill Jockey's instrumental master-hand is on his way to Cork on 9th November.

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- Plugd Records is situated on the 1st floor of the Triskel Arts Centre on Tobin Street, Cork (Ireland)  - To take a looksy at previous Plugd Purchases click here

Want to share your own musical purchases? Feel free to comment below. Otherwise try check out your local independent record stores whenever you can. If in the Republic of Ireland such an opportunity can be explored at:

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