The G-Man Playlist: Friday

Low do what...?

Acoustic Dott, a new video from Enemies and Low cover Rihanna. Don't make me repeat myself. It's The G-Man Playlist for Friday 13th September 2013.

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  1. Would it be embarrassing to reveal that I saw Low in Cork recently and they played this but that its only now that I realise who wrote the original! Thank you for enlightening me G-Man ;-)

  2. Quite the opposite! Not knowing Rihanna is refreshing if anything else. Although you must not go into town very often. She monopolizes those clothes shops though, she's blaring out of half the shops on Patrick Street/Opera Lane simultaneously. Also, you went to see Low. That is the main point. I was away and my flight didn't get in until midnight. They were incredible last year so slightly devastated I missed their return.


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