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Quite a lot of news and happenings from Ireland's most relaxed city in recent months so a little bit of a recap is required to report the what's what from Galway. Although I don't get to visit much, there will always be a fondness in my heart for the western wonderland, even more so in recent times with Yawning Chasm and The Depravations both travelling south for G-Man Presents... shows.


Galwegian composer, cellist, singer and all-round creator of aural delights Cogar released The Hands back in June, a five-track EP of Irish folkie classical loveliness (albeit quite dark in spots) that grows and grows with every listen. The beautiful 'Sleep' is a stand-out.

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Unveiled in July, Our throats, like valleys is a collaboration between Brigid Power-Ryce, David Colohan and Declan Kelly under the working title Gorges. Released on cassette by Kelly's recently formed Abandon Reason, a radio show that has evolved into a full fledged record label, the work - recorded subterraneously using an abandoned car park - "is the product of a series of exploratory improvisations with dual harmonium drones, cacophonous trombone and horn blasts and soaring, wordless vocals made between April and December 2012. Listen to the recordings in full below.

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Brigid Power Ryce

Speaking of BPR, the enchanting one has a release of her own with Eee Tuts being released into the virtual wilds as of 28th August 2013. Also an accomplished artist, Power-Ryce has made the five-track EP - featuring an enthralling version of Dominic Behan's 'The Auld Triangle' (but 'Tiny You & Me' is the stand-out for me) - available as an A3 art print that comes with a download code.

"I should probably explain what 'Eee Tuts' means. It was my 2 year old son's phrase for almost everything. 'eee toots, tuts, tooooots, tutz' He has sadly stopped saying it now so I figured I would name the EP 'eee tuts' so I would remember his little phrase, as it is easy to forget the cute things they come out with when they're almost a constant."
Brigid Power-Ryce

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