Cork Film Festival 2013

Lots of musical goodness on offer at this year's film fest...

Silver-screen enthusiasts are nothing short of spoiled down south these past weeks. The first ever instalment of fresh-faced film festival Indie Cork - a great success by all accounts - has just passed and now the ever-plucky Cork Film Festival pops up for another nine days of movie madness. Remarkably now in its 58th year, this year's gathering will include a whole raft of music-related films, live-scored screenings and post-movie parties.

Highlights include Leonard Cohen's 1972 tour documentary Bird On a Wire (Sunday, 10th November), the very first performance of The High Llamas' improvised reworking of the soundtrack for Felix The Cat i.e. "a spellbinding collaboration of animation and sumptuous pop sounds" (Wednesday, 13th November), a slew of punk-themed docs ending with The Punk Singer a look into the life of riot grrrl pioneer and Bikini Kill frontwoman Kathleen Hanna (Saturday, 16th November), Tom Berninger's fly-on-the-wall look at both his brother Aaron's band The National's 2010 world tour and their own fragile fraternal relationship in Mistaken For Strangers (Friday, 15th November), Julian Cope's favourite Londoners Teeth of the Sea remixing and performing a live score for Ben Wheatley's A Field In England (Saturday 16th November) and a whole host of festival club capers courtesy of Vitaphonic's Discodrome residency in Gulpd Café.

For a list of events see below:

9th - Discodrome - Festival Club: Keep On Jumpin' with Gilbert Steele, Dean Feeney and Cack Jollins in Gulpd Café (10pm-1am)
10th - Discodrome - Festival Club: Fractured Air DJ set in Gulpd Café (10pm-1am)
13th - Cork Film Festival: Felix The Cat (1928) re-scored by Sean O'Hagan (Microdisney) and The High Llamas in Triskel Christchurch (9.30pm)
14th - Discodrome - Festival Club: ANIMA in Triskel TDC (11pm)
15th - Cork Film Festival: Giallo night with a live recore of Amer (2009) by Serafina Steer in Triskel Christchurch (9.15pm)
15th - Discodrome - Festival Club: SlowPlaceLikeHome and February & Mars in Triskel TDC (10.45pm)
16th - Cork Film Festival: A Field In England remixed and performed by Teeth of the Sea in Triskel Christchurch (9pm)
16th - Discodrome - Festival Club: Somadrone & John Daly in Triskel TDC (11pm)
17th - Discodrome - Festival Club: Wrap Party with Nics & Vicky Langan (DJ set) in Gulpd Café (11.30pm-1.30am)

10th - Bird On a Wire (1974) in Triskel Christchurch (8.45pm)
11th - Wagner (1983) in Cork Opera House (10.30am)
11th - The Punk Syndrome (2012) in Triskel Christchurch (7pm)
12th - Luno Valetti: The Invention Of Failure in The Pavilion (9.30pm)
13th - Blues Brothers (1980) in Cork Opera House (2pm)
14th - Wavemakers/Les Chants Des Ondes (2013) in Triskel Christchurch (3.30pm)
14th - Bayou Maharajah: The Tragic Genius of James Booker (2013) in Gate Cinema (4.15pm)
14th - Greetings From Tim Buckley in Triskel Christchurch (7.45pm)
15th - Mistaken For Strangers (2013) in Cork Opera House (6pm)
15th - We Are The Best!/Vi är bäst! (2013) in Cork Opera House (8.30pm)
16th - The Punk Singer (2013) in Gate Cinema (4.30pm)

For more on Cork Film Festival visit:

- Cork Film Festival 2013 takes place in various venues from 9th November-17th November

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