Demons at midnight...

As Waterford experi-rockers Percolator gear up for the release of their new album in February, three-track EP Little Demon finds its way on to the net in the way of a teaser-taster treat for your earballs. Due to terribly boring reasons, I've only been able to have a quick listen but the title track is sounding pretty great. I'll update as soon as the EP is made available to download but otherwise simply keep an eye on bandcamp. In the meantime, have a looksy below at the video for 'Cabbage' recorded live for The Practise Tapes earlier in the year or, seeing as we are on a bit of a Percolator-binge here this afternoon, stream episode #5 of AYCD featuring 'Yellow Fire' here which went online last November. Ah, they grow up so fast...

UPDATE: The Little Demon EP is now available to both download and stream below.

For more on Percolator visit:

- Little Demon EP by Percolator will be available to download for FREE from bandcamp on 31st October 2013

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