On Tour: Glenn Jones

Thrill Jockey folk titan for Cork and Dublin...

The nimble exploits of Thrill Jockey's Glenn Jones' fingers are to feature three times on this isle as part of the New Jersey native's upcoming European tour. With this year's My Garden State garnering universal acclaim ("This is an album of easeful warmth, the sound of an ever restless, exploratory musician coming home" - MOJO), the former Cul De Sac axe-slinger, who since falling for the folkie charms of John Fahey et al has roamed the rootsier moors of American Primitivism, will visit Dublin before paying two visits down south.

Having only picked up a copy of the album on a recent trip to Plugd Records (recap here), this is very good news indeed. With Dott and French For Rabbits set to visit the same complex the previous night, that makes for a very busy Triskel-based weekend. Maybe I should bring a sleeping bag.

Glenn Jones' Irish dates in full:

For more on Glenn Jones visit:

- Glenn Jones will play Triskel Arts Centre, Cork on Saturday 9th November, 2013

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