The G-Man Presents...The Poster

Pretty handsome...

Last week on the blog saw the exciting confirmation that the next G-Man Presents... showcase (a co-promotion with the lovely Lisa Lemur) would feature both Dott and French For Rabbits in Cork's Triskel Arts Centre. A great gig should be accompanied by a great poster so thanks as always to the terrific talents of Pretty Handsome Studio, Leeside's most gifted design duo, that is exactly what the show shall have as can be witnessed by the beautiful image above. Keep the eyes peeled whilst wandering about Cork in the coming weeks for the non-virtual copy.

Although I would love to keep the awesome twosome all to myself, if anyone is on the prowl for original and elegant poster designs (or t-shirts, logo designs, screen prints etc.) make sure and drop a line to:

For more on Dott visit:

For more on French For Rabbits visit:

- Dott and French For Rabbits play Triskel Arts Centre TDC space on Friday 8th November 2013
- Tickets are priced at €7 and available soon
- RSVP to official facebook event here

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