Conflux Limerick 2013

The return of Conflux Limerick...

There are so many lovely posters doing the rounds for this year's Conflux Limerick gathering in Limerick that I felt they should all get to appear in some sort of wonderful post mural as seen strewn throughout this page. Returning once again to The Blind Pig, this year's all-day gathering will also include H.Q. on Lower Cecil Street with both venues set to feature appearances by the likes of celestial space-stalkers The Jimmy Cake, Kilmahog crooner Alasdair Roberts, ukulele-toting tale-slinger Peter Delaney, fret-frazzler turned talented tunesmith Rory Francis O'Brien and more from as early as 12pm.

Broken into quarters the four events are classified as: Tunes for Tots, Conflux Day, Conflux Twilight and Conflux Night. Admission is €5/€7 for a single venue whilst 14 bobs gains one access for the entire day. The poster below tells it all really...

For more on Conflux Limerick visit:

- Conflux Limerick takes place in Limerick on Saturday, 16th November 2013
- 20+ bands will play across 4 events in H.Q. and The Blind Pig

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