Label watch: January 2014

Label me Mabel...

A plan in the pipeline for many a month has been a feature focused primarily on Ireland's independent labels. This will involve over time but think of it as a virtual bulletin board for some very talented and incredibly hard-working folk.

Out On A Limb Records

Well the Xmas Party sure was fun! Having wowed with a rocking rendition of 'Carol of the Bells', it's best that Rest get working on a Christmas record in time for next year's festive celebrations. The rest of 2014 will hopefully belong to brand new releases by Owensie, Elk and a split-release between Windings and Land Lovers who of course make their home in the capital as part of Dublin's ever active collective, Popical Island. It's always good to see bands and labels helping each other. Release date for the split is tagged as 7th February 2014. There's also word that Ten Past Seven are writing some new music...

For a recent G-Man interview with co-label head Ciarán Ryan click here.

Art For Blind Records

With a new shop blossoming on Lower Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork-based Art For Blind waved cheerio to 2013 on a high with Rory Francis O'Brien releasing a limited edition live cassette The Eve of the Ides of March just before the Christmas break.

Bluestack Records

Expect a new EP from The Casanova Wave in Spring 2014. For now enjoy a FREE download compilation of various remixes entitled Plugged In And Warmly Socketed.

Flaming June Records

Not much news on the June front I don't think but I'll keep y'all posted. For now enjoy alien-pop twosome Nanu Nanu's video for 'The Drop'.

Do these people ever sleep? For evidence leaning heavily towards 'no' see PI's recap of 2013. Paddy Hanna's lo-fi gem Leafy Stiletto sees a physical release on 25th January. Which is quite exciting.

The Vincent(s) have added a triplet of live dates for February and March including a March 15th visit to The Pavilion, Cork.

The latest Citóg night is set for 15th January with Fellow Strangers set to headline tomorrow night's stellar Cellar show in Galway. For a rundown of upcoming Citóg events see their official Facebook.

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