New Album: S. Carey

Scary Carey returns with new record...

It's no joke on April 1st as Bon Iver drummer Sean Carey releases Range of Light, his second record on the ever-expanding Jagjaguwar, also the new nest for fellow songbird Angel Olsen. The classically trained percussionist's follow up to 2010's understated wildflower All We Grow (which clocked in at #27 on this blog's Albums of the Year list that year) was recorded in band-mate and BI-leader Justin Vernon's very own Wisconsin master-lair, April Base Studios. Stream 'Fire-scene' from Range of Light below.

Range of Light track list:
1. Glass/Film
2. Creaking
3. Crown The Pines
4. Fire-Scene
5. Radiant
6. Alpenglow
7. Fleeting Light
8. The Dome
9. Neverending Fountain

For more on S. Carey visit:

- S. Carey will release Range of Light on 1st April 2014

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