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With the recent relocation of Tower Records to Dawson Street, Freebird Records can now lay claim to being Wicklow Street's only record store. I picked up a surprise gem over the weekend which I can't wait to give a spin later this week.

The latest Freebird Records purchase was:

Phosphorescent - To Willie

Whilst partaking in some serious festival research some years ago, I stumbled upon the myspace page of a certain Matt Houck aka Phosphorescent whose playlist page was filled full of Willie Nelson covers. To Willie, an ode to one of the last living outlaws, hooked me in straight away and, although marking the beginning of a love affair with the Houckster, for some strange reason never ended up in me owning the actual album. Until now of course. Cork folk take note a visit in July as support for The National at the Marquee.

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- Freebird Records can be located within the Secret Book & Record Shop at 15A Wicklow St, Dublin 2 Ireland (Ireland)
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