Record Store Day: Wingnut festivities

Wingnut announce RSD14 festivities...

Remember in Gremlins when the fuzzy little love-balls got a bit moist, multiplied and then turned a little hostile following some late-night fried chicken-munchin'? Well if you replace the hell-monsters with lovely record shops and the homicidal tendencies with enthusiastic homegrown record-selling the story of Wingnut Records is quite similar.

Despite the likely confusion caused by that opening paragraph, there's no escaping the fact that the growing group of pop-up Irish independent music shops continues to multiply and prosper with this year's record store day celebrations to include the capital following the opening of WR's latest shop, Wingnut Dublin, now located within the Musicmaker premises on Exchequer St., Dublin. Taking place in Portobello's Bello Bar one of three live Wingnut events will feature No Spill Blood, The River Fane, Bouts and Bitch Falcon all for the token price of €6.

Elsewhere across the country, hip-hopsters Mynameisj0hn and God Knows will play afternoon instores in both Wingnut Limerick (based in Moviedrome on Henry St. - 2pm) and Wingnut Headquarters, Wingnut Galway (see Bell, Book & Candle on Sea Road - 4.30pm).

The idea behind Wingnut is every bit as good as the original idea behind Record Store Day: to promote great music independently, with no ulterior motive locked away in some massive, cold, soulless warehouse.

For more on Wingnut Records visit:

- No Spill Blood, The River Fane, Bouts and Bitch Falcon play Bello Bar, Dublin on Saturday 19th April
- Tickets are €6
- Mynameisj0hn and God Knows play Wingnut Limerick and Wingnut Galway on the same day with FREE admission
- Record Store Day takes place across all independent record shops on Saturday, 19th April 2014

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