Session: SVE & PP cover BS

Sharon Van Etten
Perfect Pussy
Perfect Van Etten...

Epic covers of Bruce Springsteen are par for the course when forging a career in the music business (let's call it Badlands for now) on the east coast of America but two recent inductees might raise a few eyebrows. Step forward hungry-hearted hardcore merchants Perfect Pussy and Brooklyn Spirit in the Night Sharon Van Etten who both "bossified" recent sets to include renditions of the most famous New Jersey native there might ever have been. View or listen to both using the player and link below.

Listen to Perfect Pussy's Candy's Room rendition here

For more on Sharon Van Etten visit:

- Are We There by Sharon Van Etten is out in May 2014
- Perfect Pussy released a 7" on Cork-based label Art For Blind Records on 5th May 2014
- Buy here

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