New music: Guardian Alien

Guardian Alien
If a deity could drum-roll...

You can always trust a Thrill Jockey artist to be interesting. For me personally, it's 50:50 whether that interesting can be correctly coupled with lovable but when they launch a dart into the scoring zone it's normally a direct hit in the bullseye. Guardian Alien are more like a triple 20 - off-centre, a little harder to get but worth more than the fabled bull. Although prone to change, the core of Guardian Alien features Alexandra Drewchin on vocals and electronics and Bernard Gann on electric guitar, with the New York group masterfully led by drummer Greg Fox and that trio is currently ripping its way through central Europe in a touring blaze of prog/avant-garde/rock fire. See Fox and friends in full flight by clicking on the video below.

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- Guardian Alien are on tour in Europe this Summer
- Latest album Spiritual Emergency is on sale from all good record shops

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