On tour: AVI Buffalo announce Dublin date

Capital announcement and a new record on the way...

Avi Zahner-Isenberg and his Buffalo cohorts have announced their return to Ireland with an Autumn show confirmed for Whelan's of Wexford Street on 5th October. To be honest I was a little worried the Long Beach buddies were in danger of dropping off of the planet altogether (it being four years since their debut album popped up on eager indie radars and all) but At Best Cuckold has been confirmed and will be on shelves courtesy of legendary Seattle label Sub Pop come early September. Rejoice in the jangly sounds of new track 'So What'.

Full tracklist for At Best Cuckold:
01. So What
02. Memories of You
03. Can't Be Too Responsible
04. Two Cherished Understandings
05. Overwhelmed with Pride
06. Found Blind
07. She Is Seventeen
08. Think It's Gonna Happen Again
09. Oxygen Tank
10. Won't Be Around No More

For more on AVI Buffalo visit:

- At Best Cuckold by AVI Buffalo is out on 5th September 2014
- AVI Buffalo play Whelan's on Sunday, 5th October
- Tickets are €15 and go onsale Thursday, 5th June

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