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For those who raised an eyebrow (or two) on Sunday evening when an odd, Wexford-Cork hybrid of an accent floated across the airwaves in place of Ashley Keating's lovely Leeside tone, yes that was me making my behind-the-desk d├ębut on RedFM. Ashley, otherwise known as brush-and-stick man for legendary local indie group The Frank & Walters, has kindly invited me on to his long-running Irish music show to lend a hand here and there when he's off ruling the road with The Franks.

There were a couple of hitches and glitches along the way but I loved every second of it, especially the stripped down in-studio performances from local stalwarts Slow Motion Heroes, Toy Soldier and Wasps Vs Humans who all take to various stages during this weekend's Indiependence. It's great to be involved with one of the few shows that 100% support Irish music and the plan is to regularly return to the studio over the coming weeks and months.

For those interested in what I played last Sunday when Ashley was attending to our many guests:

‘Oh My Days’ - Bantum (featuring Eimear O’Donovan)
‘Frankenstein Bolts’ - Frankenstein Bolts
‘When We Were Young’ - Whipping Boy
‘Lord! Don’t Leave Me’ - John Blek & The Rats
‘Morning Morning’ - Corner Boy
‘Leave’ - Hags
‘We Arrive Alive’ - We Arrive Alive
‘The Captain’ - I Draw Slow
‘Come Into My World’ - Cave Ghosts
'Contact' - O Emperor
‘Irish Boys’ - Old Hannah
‘Mountains’ - Come On Live Long
‘Dig Early’ - The Altered Hours
‘Day That I Found You’ - Dott

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