Green on Red: 17th August 2014

While Ash is away The G-Man shall play...buckets loads of great Irish music.

Those tuned to RedFM between 7pm and 10pm last night might have noticed Ashley Keating was away and that yours truly was only too delighted to take a swivel in the Green on Red hot-seat. Thanks to those who listened in and for the record, here's the playlist of last night's show.

Hour 1:
'only tomorrow' my bloody valentine
'harper lee' little green cars
'take me to church' sinead o'connor
'nothing arrived' villagers
'hanging around' gemma hayes
'god bless mom' the frames
'little red' cathy davey
'the sea between' carried by waves
'here be monsters' tieranniesaur
'deep down south' stevie g (featuring christiana underwood)
'dance with me' maud in cahoots
'morning, morning' corner boy
'carolina' nothing new under the sun

Hour 2:
'from eden' hozier
'the mother we share' soak
'standard' god knows and mynameisjOhn
'serious' god knows and mynameisjOhn
'red to blue' mick flannery
'sweet jelly roll' the altered hours
'in the distance fading' god is an astronaut
'leave you' elastic sleep
'drunk for fifteen years' martin mackie (featuring katie kim)
'to the bright and shining sun' the walls
'big unit' adebisi shank
'indie love song' the frank & walters
'day that i found you' dott
'way to go' jennifer evans

Hour 3:
'yellow fire' percolator
'the purple dot' ten past seven
'please remain the same' john blek and the rats
'she comes in colour stereo' slowplacelikehome
'de bom bom' girl band
'cha cha cha' girl band
'breeze' paul creane and the changing band
'grass above my head' cian nugent and the cosmos
'coward's corner' lisa o'neill
'everybody is already down below' 3epkano
'get light' squarehead
'i wish i was lonely' the #1s

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