Pine For Your Loved Ones 2014: Full line-up

Myrtleville mayhem revealed...

Hate socks and love rock? Then Pine For Your Loved Ones is a festival tailor made for your filthy feet. A hidden away, beach-side treasure of a venue with a penchant for hard rock that has become renowned for hosting a day long late Summer/early Autumn gathering that will leave your ears ringing but your heart singing. Stepping up to the plate this year:

Tickets will be on sale from Plugd Records this weekend with a price of €12.50 including a return bus from St Patrick's Quay (the Aircoach stop) to the venue.

For more on Pine For Your Loved Ones visit:

- Pine For Your Loved Ones takes place in Pine Lodge, Myrtleville (Co. Cork) on Saturday 13th September 2014
- Tickets are priced at €12.50 which includes a return bus from Cork City

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