Culture Night Cork 2014

Culture, culture, culture...

Culture Night is back and for those new to the concept see notes on 2012 and 2013. To summarise: lots of fun, arty stuff happening all over the city and country on Friday 19th September and all of it is FREE. For a full breakdown of all things cultural, visit For the lo-down on all the musical happenings on Leeside see the little summary below, which will continue to be updated as news of more happenings is announced.

  • Lisa Hannigan
    Where?: Secret Venue.
    When?: 10pm
    What?: Sssshhhhhh. This one's a finger on the lip type of show with tickets only available via a photo-posting competition over on the official Facebook page. Kudos to the council for getting a big name involved. The introduction of a competitive edge to the evening leaves a slightly bitter taste in the mouth though. A treasure hunt would have been far more fun. Note I am not recommending burying Lisa Hannigan on Culture Night.
  • Idiot Songs
    Where?: Coughlans.
    When?: 9.30pm
    What?: Talented duo Pearse McGloughlin and Justin Grounds together form Idiot Songs, who will perform tracks from one of last year's finest independent releases, the self titled Idiot Songs. Former David Nelligan Thing multi-instrumentalist Andy Wilson supports.
  • O Emperor
    Where?: O Emperor's practice space, York Hill.
    When?: TBC
    What?: Two Choice Music Prize nominations for two excellent albums highlights O Emperor as one of the best alternative bands in Ireland, never mind Cork. And following Culture Night 2014, everyone will know where the Waterford fivesome tend to spend the majority of their time. Another competition style, limited to 25 people ticket thingy. Keep an eye on Culture Night Cork's various social media sites to stand a chance of grabbing one.
  • Record Shops & Vinyl Love: Stevie G & Christiana Underwood
    Where?: Music Zone, Douglas Court Shopping Centre (1pm)
    Records & Relics, Western Road (2pm)
    Ripall Skate Shop, Sheares St. (3pm)
    Plugd Records, Triskel Arts Centre (5pm)
    Cork Vintage Quarter, 27 Henry St. (6pm).
    When?: 1pm-7pm
    What?: Armed with soul-filled, first single 'Deep Down South' Stevie G & Christiana Underwood go on a record shop crawl in "celebration of vinyl culture" beginning at 1pm out in Douglas.
  • FILM: A Hard Day's Night
    Where?: Triskel Christchurch
    When?: 8.30pm
    What?: For those unaware that there is a magnificent art house cinema still operating in Cork City, make sure to try and catch some of The Beatles' most famous big screen escapade when it runs on Friday evening. There are comfy new seats now too!
  • Flume
    Where?: Briery Gap Theatre, Macroom
    When?: 8pm
    What?: Following on from a string of excellent Sullane Sessions held throughout the Summer, Dublin-based Sydney songwriter Liza Flume makes her way to Macroom for an exciting Culture Night happening.
  • Cork Community Print Shop
    Where?: Cork Community Print Shop, Macroom
    When?: 5pm-10pm
    What?: There will be music. We are just not sure from whom yet. We'll keep you posted. That "we" being me. It gets lonely on here sometimes...

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- Culture Night takes place in various locations throughout Ireland on Friday, 19th September 2014
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