Festival: Coughlans 2014 Running Order

Coughlan's 2014...

Coughlan's Live Music Festival opened yesterday evening with a single launch show from Hank Wedel. The timetable for the rest of the week is below. Most of the evening shows are FREE so even if the funds are a bit low, it's worth popping up to the Douglas Street venue to catch some of the festivities afoot for the next five days.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
11pm: Jerry Fish 10:30pm: Hot Sprockets
10pm: John Blek & The Rats 10pm: The Booka Brass Band 10pm: Silent Disco 9pm: Wallis Bird 9pm: Special Guests
8pm: I Draw Slow 8pm: Anna Mitchell & Malojian 8pm: R.S.A.G. 6:30pm: Around The House
4pm: Mick Flannery & Edisons 4pm: Adrian Crowley & Katie Kim

For more on Coughlan's visit:

- Coughlan's Live Music Festival takes place from 24th-29th September 2014
- This year's festival will aim to draw awareness to www.22q11ireland.org, a charity that provides mutual help and support for individuals and families affected by 22q11.2 deletion/DiGeorge Syndrome/V.C.F.S in Ireland.

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