Festival: Indie Cork 2014

Food for both the eyes and ears...

The next 7 days and nights will see a platter of both homegrown and international cinema cuisine served up in various venues (including Triskel Christchurch, The Gate and The Kino) around Cork. Short films, documentaries and full length features beginning with Slovenian school thriller Class Enemy in The Gate at 9pm tonight will take place across the city but there is also a quality musical line-up to supplement the on-screen treats.

Hilary Woods, fresh from enthralling with her new EP at Dublin's Fringe Festival in September, will be joined by The Shaker Hymn, Woven Skull, Women's Christmas, Laurie Shaw and more as an abundance of talent calls to The Crane Lane Theatre for night-time delights throughout the course of the festival.

The full music line-up:

Monday 13th
Simon Kirkegaard & The Existentialists(11.30pm)
Tuesday 14th Love Street (11.30pm)
Wednesday 15th The Shaker Hymn (11.30pm)
Thursday 16th The Lost Gecko (7pm) Kendo Nagasaki & Rab Urqhart (8.30pm) Foxjaw & Goldfish Syndrome (11.30pm)
Friday 17th The Quiet Club (7pm) Woven Skull (8.30pm) Hilary Woods (9pm)
Saturday 18th Laurie Shaw (8.30pm) Women's Christmas (10.30pm)
Sunday 19th Closing Night Party (11.30pm)

For more on Indie Cork visit:

- Indie Cork takes place in various venues 12th-19th October 2014
- For a breakdown of the full programme visit indiecork.com

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