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Changes for Cohen...

January is all about change, a mindset New York-songwriter Hannah Cohen was not content to merely run with, she had to wrestle it off the side of a skyscraper. Fortunately, Cohen's got a bright new pair of wings - and a Doveman in the shape of producer (and Gloaming pianist) Thomas Bartlett - to keep her flying high above the filthy pavements we mere mortals must continue to tread.

From the fragile folk heard on Child Bride to the multi-dimensional prism of pop found in 'Keepsake' from follow-up Pleasure Boy, Cohen has been through some radical changes since the arrival of her d├ębut long player. Quotes such as "I wanted the music to hurt, to have a visceral effect" strengthen the observation. Let's see what happens when the chrysalis cracks open completely on 30th March.

Pleasure Boy Tracklist:

1. Keepsake
2. Lilacs
3. Watching You Fall
4. Fake It
5. Claremont
6. Queen Of Ice
7. Just Take The Rest
8. Baby

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Hannah Cohen's Pleasure Boy will be released 30th March on Bella Union

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