New album: Inventions

Eluvium In The Sky...

Friends-in-sound Matthew Cooper (Eluvium) and Mark T. Smith (Explosions In The Sky) return in March with Maze of Woods, the duo's second album. Scheduled for release on Bella Union on 16th March, the dreamy delights of 'Springworlds' ensures automatic entry into my "excitedly awaiting" list.

Full tracklist:

1. Escapers
2. Springworlds
3. Peregrine
4. Slow Breathing Circuit
5. A Wind From All Directions
6. Wolfkids
7. Moanmusic
8. Feeling The Sun Thru The Earth At Night

For more on Inventions visit:

- 'Maze of Woods' by Inventions is out on Bella Union on 16th March 2015

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