Review: 'In the Pink of Condition' - H. Hawkline

2015 review #3: H. Hawkline...

Title: In the Pink of Condition     Label: Heavenly Recordings 
Artist: H. Hawkline                  Release Date: 30th January 2015
Tracks:12                           Running Time: 38:49 minutes

To press play on In the Pink of Condition is to and disappear into H. Hawkline’s hazy dream-world. From the springy boing of 'Rainy Summer'’s guitar to the lunatic loop of 'Moons In My Mirror'’s hyperactive bass, Huw Gwynfryn Evans’ self-proclaimed “strange pop” record is a whirly-swirly wander through the Welsh songwriter’s subconscious. Completely cohesive pop-jaunts ('Everybody's On The Line') are swished with psychedelic sashays to nowhere (see outro of 'Isobelle') making for a curiously likeable third studio record. Producer and compatriot Cate Le Bon’s prints paw the entire album with shrilly guitar-stabs and wispy backing vocals - all good in my book.

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- In the Pink of Condition is out 30th January on Heavenly Recordings

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