Festival: Quarter Countdown

3 days to go...

'Tis Tuesday and the clock is ticking. Southern Hospitality Board's Caoilian Sherlock shows us another super twosome on the way this weekend at Quarter Block Party.

Who?: Twinkranes
Where?: Triskel TDC
When?: Friday - 11.30pm
Why?: "Twinkranes play alongside O Emperor and Elastic Sleep on Friday night, and they are one of the bands in Ireland that are really pushing out boundaries of live performance. Balancing Krautrock, heavy handed psychelic, prog and techno whilst really forcing along aggressive beats and grooves. They manage to create a huge picture that borrows from Can and Kraftwerk as well as the canvas of everything from Detroit Techno to Black Sabbath. Unbelievable scenes."

Who?: Karaoke (Sleepwalk Collective)
Where?: Black Box, Sample Studios
When?: Friday - 7pm
Why?: "We're really proud of the theatre programme at QBP as a lot of the shows are the kind we wouldn't get to see all year round in Cork. KARAOKE is an example of a really exciting and exhilarating show that might not get the chance to come to Cork outside of Festival season. We're very keen to accommodate the new generation of theatre which may not get the chance to be programmed that often.

Playing out as an actual karaoke, the text and action read off of a screen and projected up for all the audience to see, the show is an exercise in anti-theatricality that's either brazenly cynical or pathetically honest depending on how you want to look at it. There will be an awkward kind of chemistry. A narcotic kind of grace. And when the chorus kicks in we can all sing along with it..."

For more on Quarter visit: 

- Quarter Block Party takes place in Cork 6-8th February 2015
- Tickets are priced at €30 (weekend) and €15 (day) and available here or from Plugd Records, Cork

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