New album: Rachel Grimes

Details on the new record from Rachel Grimes...

Founding member of Kentucky chamber group The Rachel's and an integral member of one of this blog's favourite bands of the past 10 years, King's Daughters & Sons, pianist and composer Rachel Grimes has revealed details of her new solo album The Clearing. To be released in May, the record features a number of special guests including Kyle Crabtree (Shipping News), Christian Frederickson (Rachel’s), and Jacob Duncan (Liberation Prophecy) who appears on the track below.

Full Tracklist:
01. The Air
02. The Clearing
03. The Air Of Place
04. The Herald
05. The Air In Time
06. In The Vapor With The Air Underneath
07. Transverse Plane Vertical
08. Transverse Plane Horizontal
09. The Air, Her Heart
10. Further Foundation
11. The Air At Night

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- The Clearing is out 26th May on Temporary Residence Ltd.,

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