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The G-Man on Green (on Red)...

Here's the full playlist for Green On Red that broadcast on Cork's Red FM on Sunday 22nd March 2015. I'm back covering again for Ashley Keating on 5th April.

'the john wayne' - little green cars
'only shallow' - my bloody valentine
'the heart's desire' - jape
'take me to church' - sinead o'connor (2nd May Cork Opera House)
'save yourself' - squarehead
'dance with you' - maud in cahoots (15th April Odessa Club, Dublin)
'find your beat' - inni-k
'samhradh samhradh' - the gloaming
'switchblade' - o emperor
'resolution' - slow motion heroes
'wolfstooth' - bitch falcon (24th May Roisin Dubh w/ Torche)
'man of sand' - cormac o'caoimh
'a place with real seasons' - carol keogh
'pucker' - the hard ground
'open eye signal' - elastic sleep
'dig early' - the altered hours
'cigarette' - second moon of winter
'home' - the run ons
'car song' - dott (24th May Roisin Dubh w/ Torche)
'morning, kepler' - alarmist
'why they hide their bodies under my garage' - girl band
'why meddle?' - the great balloon race (28th March Triskel w/ Princess)
'daffodil mulligan' - lynched
'the descent' - screamingparent
'love gets lost' - little xs for eyes
'late bloomers' - no monster club
'earthly pleasure' - villagers
'i love her family' - myles manley
'ryan hoguet' - tandem felix
'chrysalis' - crayonsmith
'tanager peak' - halves
'hanging around' - gemma hayes
'north star lover' - fionn regan
'indie love song' - the frank and walters

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