Countdown: Rhythm & Roots

Lee Bains III & The Glory Fire
In three days time Kilkenny Rhythm & Roots roars into life...

With the countdown commencing yesterday (see here), here's part deux of a personal list of "catch 'em quick"s.

Who?: Lee Bains III & The Glory Fire
Where?: Set Theatre / Kytelers Inn
When?: Saturday (10pm), Sunday (8.30pm)
Why?: Sup Pop-signed southerners who rock like the well-oiled party machine they were designed to be. New record Dereconstructed is "a master class in authentic Gulf Coast choogle". Tough to argue with that. Bring a change of shirt as you're walking out of this one sweaty.

Who?: John Murry
Where?: Ryan's Bar
When?: Friday (9pm)
Why?: Ireland loves John Murry, and thankfully, John Murry seems to love Ireland, backed up by the fact that the architect behind The Graceless Age arrived in Ireland over a month ago for a short tour and hasn't left yet. Let's hope he never leaves. Here's an extract from a long chat I had with the man himself a few weeks back.

Listen to The G-Man's Rhythm & Roots playlist using the player below:

For more on Kilkenny Rhythm & Roots Festival visit:

Kilkenny Rhythm & Roots takes place in various Kilkenny venues from 1st-4th May 2015

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