Countdown: Rhythm & Roots

Cale Tyson
Two nights to twinkle yet...

The countdown continues. Here's part III.

Who?: Cale Tyson
Where?: Billy Byrnes / Pumphouse
When?: Friday (7pm), Saturday (4pm)
Why?: If you are in need of a proper country fix then Tyson's your man. Texas-raised, Nashville-based, this is proper spurs and whiskey stuff right here. For those feeling wide awake, bright and alive, go see C.T. play a Rollercoaster Records instore at 2pm on Saturday afternoon.

Who?: John Blek & Anna Mitchell
Where?: Cleere's Theatre
When?: Sunday (4pm)
Why?: Having ripped up a couple of late-nighters at the Roots over the years, Cork country-rockers John Blek & The Rats have developed quite a following in Kilkenny and return regularly throughout the year. There'll be no Rats this year but two of the team, John and Anna, both having released solo records recently, will be about to play some tunes on Sunday afternoon.
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Kilkenny Rhythm & Roots takes place in various Kilkenny venues from 1st-4th May 2015

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