Countdown: Rhythm & Roots

Get to bed early, as it's going to be a long weekend...

After four days of counting down through only a handful of the best bands set to play Kilkenny this weekend, here's the final part.

Who?: Calexico
Where?: Set Theatre
When?: Sunday (10pm)
Why?: It's Calexico. You shouldn't need any more reasons. Just one more? It's Calexico playing an intimate venue with a capacity of less than 400. 

Who?: Kacy & Clayton
Where?: Ryan's Bar / Pumphouse
When?: Saturday (7pm) / Sunday (3pm)
Why?: Kacy Anderson and Clayton Linthicum come to Kilkenny all the way from the from the Wood Mountain Uplads of Southern Saskatchewan so if anything it would be just polite to check them out once they're here. Once you're there and get to hear the wonderful mountain folk they create together, you'll realise why people are making such a big deal. I'll be finally picking up a physical copy of 2013's The Day Is Past & Gone. Fortunately, the duo will also make an appearance as part of a Rollercoaster instore at 4pm on Saturday too so maybe I might even get to say hello!

So that's it for the countdown. And I didn't even get to include Charlottesville rockers Sons of Bill, multi-faceted folk collective Sunday School Sessions, Dublin roots group I Draw Slow and lots more playing around the city from 1st-4th May. Maybe it's best you just make your way there and see what all the fuss is about.

Listen to The G-Man's Rhythm & Roots playlist using the player below:

For more on Kilkenny Rhythm & Roots Festival visit:

Kilkenny Rhythm & Roots takes place in various Kilkenny venues from 1st-4th May 2015

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