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The G-Man on Green (on Red)...

Here's the full playlist for Green On Red that broadcast on Cork's Red FM on Easter Sunday 5th April 2015. As always, it was a pleasure to fill in for Ashley Keating who is back next Sunday.

'from eden' hozier
'the heart's desire' jape
'one horse town' the thrills
'pretty keen on centrefolds' fight like apes
'where's me jumper' sultans of ping
'logical love' little xs for eyes
'when we were young' whipping boy
'a good heart' feargal sharkey
'switchblade' o emperor
'alphabet soup' bell x1
'heyday' mic christopher
'leave you' elastic sleep
'mexican wave' kerbdog
'take me to church' sinead o'connor
'girl from mars' ash
'running' fred
'sweet thing' van morrison
'i don't know' lisa hannigan
'growing up together/we go together' carried by waves
'your house from mine' tychonaut
'dislocate' i am the cosmos
'glacier' james vincent mcmorrow
'nothing i do will ever be good enough' tandem felix
'earthly pleasure' villagers
'quincy morris' spies
'moving' cathy davey
'here in the wild' august wells
'cradle burns' rollerskate skinny
'harper lee' little green cars
'dust' tell no foxx
'lucy is here' le galaxie
'dive' ealadha
'something for the weekend' divine comedy
'friends' biggles flys again
'nothing lasts' paradox
'sparkle' rubyhorse
'wolfstooth' bitch falcon
'after all'  the frank & walters

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