Record Shop Day: Plugd turns 4

Four fun years in Triskel...
"Happy birthday to Plugd, 
Happy birthday to Gulpd
You look like a record 
And you spin like one too!"

My oh my how the years have flown. Is it really four years since Plugd returned to Cork City with newborn sister cafe Gulpd in tow? Is it really 4 years +1 day since there was no Plugd Records in Cork at all?! (shudders) The celebrations will be long and mighty over the weekend with Record Shop Day* sandwiched in Saturday between croissants, coffee, booze and dancing. Joining Albert, Jim and the Plugd/Gulpd gang over the weekend are New Jackson and Margie Lewis (Friday), Somerville and Sunken Foal (Saturday) and Stevie G (Saturday/Sunday).

*I'm reclaiming the word "shop"

For more on Plugd/Gulpd visit:

- Plugd/Gulpd celebrate 4 years in Triskel Cork 17th-19th April
- All events are FREE

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