New album: Beirut

Zach's back...

It's been four years since The Rip Tide washed up on our shores so it's good to see Beirut have not been swept out to sea with an announcement coming this week that a new record is on the way. No No No will hit shelves in September and it's maybe a wonder there is a new album at all with songwriter Zach Condon suffering serious health problems following the mental and physical pressures a mammoth three year world tour can put on a person. Thankfully, the Brooklyn-based face of Beirut is back with the title track available to play below.

No No No tracklist:
1. Gibraltar
2. No No No
3. At Once
4. August Holland
5. As Needed
6. Perth
7. Pacheco
8. Fener
9. So Allowed

For more on Beirut visit:

- No No No, new album by Beirut, out 11th September 2015 on 4AD

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