The Cork Music Show: 31st May 2015

The Cork Music Show is back...

After a long spell away, The Cork Music Show is back on the airwaves as Cork City Community Radio's new licence for 2015 got underway this weekend. Returning at an earlier time of 2pm-3pm every Sunday, it was great to air new songs from The Hard Ground, Young Wonder, John Blek and more.

Sunday's playlist:

  1. Where's Me Jumper - Sultans of Ping
  2. Look at Us Now - The Frank & Walters (new single out now)
  3. Leave You - Elastic Sleep
  4. Pucker - The Hard Ground (new album Triptych out now)
  5. Car Song - Dott
  6. Dig Early - The Altered Hours (playing The Pav with Girl Band on 3rd October)
  7. Enchanted - Young Wonder (new album Birth out now)
  8. Glistening Fields - Iarla Ó'Lionáird (playing Sounds from a Safe Harbour with The Gloaming on 17th September)
  9. Hunter & The Headman - The Shaker Hymn
  10. Running - Fred
  11. Why Meddle? - The Great Balloon Race
  12. Switchblade - O Emperor
  13. Lil' King Kong - Simple Kid
  14. WOMAN - Shookrah
  15. Portland, Oregon - John Blek (fund new record Borders here)

The majority of the music heard on The Cork Music Show is available to purchase from Plugd Records on the 1st Floor of Triskel Arts Centre, Tobin Street, Cork

For more on The Cork Music Show visit:

- Tune in to The Cork Music Show 2-3pm every Sunday on Cork City Community Radio (100.5FM) for an hour only of Cork-only rekkerds.
- If you know of some great Cork bands drop us a line at

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