Festival: SFSH Music Trail

Sounds From A Safe Harbour is well and truly launched...

Word leaked out in April before some of the finer details were worked out but now it's official, Sounds From A Safe Harbour will envelop Cork City from 17th-20th September. Featuring a handpicked mix of national and international bands and artists presented by Cork Opera House, the indian summer "festival of music, art and conversation" is something well worth getting excited about.

Added to The Gloaming, Aaron Dessner, Lisa Hannigan, This Is The kit, This Is How We Fly, Amiina, Julianna Barwick, Richard Reed Parry, Wild Beasts and a whole host of other international musicians, there will be boat trips (Sail to Sirius), warehouse readings (Soundings from a Safe Harbour) and a music trail curated by Nialler9.

The music trail line-up:

Friday Saturday Sunday

2pm: Slow Skies (BDSM)
3pm: Katharine Philippa (Bodega) 3pm: Somerville (BDSM)
4pm: Talos (The Oval) 4pm: Conor Walsh (The Oval)
5pm: Rusangano Family (Bodega) 5pm: This Is The Kit (Bodega) 5pm: Loah (Bodega)
6pm: Shookrah (Bodega) 6pm: Deady (Bodega) 6pm: I Have A Tribe (Bodega)
7pm: Mina Tindle(Crane Lane) 7pm: My Brightest Diamond (Crane Lane) 7pm: Quiet River of Dust (Crane Lane)
11pm: I Am The Cosmos (Poor Relation) 11pm: Bantum (Poor Relation)
12am: Vinyl Love (Poor Relation) 12am: Adultrock (Poor Relation) 12am: Fish Go Deep (Bodega)

*Please confirm on official site avoid unexpected timetable changes

For more on Sounds From a Safe Harbour visit:

- Sounds From a Safe Harbour takes place in Cork Opera House from 17th-20th September
- Tickets on sale 21st May 2015

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