Cork gig guide: 22nd-28th September 2015

This week in Cork: Coughlans Live Music Festival, Spires That in the Sunset Rise and more.

After a brief break away Cork promoters PingPong are back with a plethora of pretty sweet shows including the return of Spires That In The Sunset Rise to Gulpd Café on Thursday evening. The Chicago-based duo will most likely be showcasing material from Beasts In The Garden, Kathleen Baird and Taralie Peterson's seventh studio record. The second PP show that week welcomes The Jimmy Cake to Cyprus Avenue to perform the tour de force that is their new album Master with support from audio soundscaper Elll.

The festival baton is passed from the docks and theatre halls of Sounds From A Safe Harbour to Douglas Street as Coughlan's Live Music Festival gets going on Tuesday. Mick Flannery, The Lost Brothers, and a double date (Thursday and Friday) with John Blek & The Rats in celebration of the release of second studio album Borders all get in on the Coughlans celebrations.

Speaking of new records, Slow Motion Heroes are in The Crane Lane Theatre early on Friday night to launch Hinterland. This one's on early so get there pronto.

Also going down around town this week:
For a day-by-day breakdown of gigs taking place in both Cork city and county over the next three weeks see below.
Tuesday, 22nd September 
- Bluegrass with The Gills in Callanan's
Coughlan's Live Music Festival: The Jost Project (9pm) in Coughlan's
Jazz Improv (9pm), Shookrah (11.30pm) in The Crane Lane Theatre

Wednesday, 23rd September 
Coughlan's Live Music Festival: Bellowing Mad in Coughlan's
- Fjokra (11.30pm) in The Crane Lane Theatre
- Russian Songwriters Night in The Roundy

Thursday, 24th September 
Coughlan's Live Music Festival: John Blek & The Rats (9pm) in Coughlan's
- Finn (11.30pm) in The Crane Lane Theatre
- PingPong: Spires That In The Sunset Rise in Gulpd Café (Triskel Arts Centre)
- The Doors Alive in The Pav
- Live Words: Slam Poetry in The Roundy

Friday, 25th September 
Coughlan's Live Music Festival: Casey Black and E.W. Harris (8pm), John Blek & The Rats (10pm) in Coughlan's
- Slow Motion Heroes (8.30pm) in The Crane Lane Theatre
Fin Barre's Festival: in Various Venues
- Quangodelica in The Roundy

Saturday, 26th September
- Don McLean in Cork Opera House
Coughlan's Live Music Festival: Mick Flannery SOLD OUT (4pm), Marc O'Reilly and Cry Monster Cry (8pm), Silent Disco (9pm), The Calvinists (10pm) in Coughlan's
PingPong: The Jimmy Cake in Cyprus Avenue
- The Minutes in The Pav
- Fin Barre's Festival: in Various Venues

Sunday, 27th September
Coughlan's Live Music Festival: The Lost Brothers (4pm), West Cork Ukulele Orchestra (7.30pm), Duke Special (9.30pm) in Coughlan's
- The Voodoos and The Oddites (11pm) in The Crane Lane Theatre
- B. Dolan in Cyprus Avenue
Sunday Sessions (5.30pm) in The Roundy
- Fin Barre's Festival: in Various Venues

Monday, 28th September
- EW Harris (11.30pm) in The Crane Lane Theatre

If I have forgotten a show or listed a gig incorrectly feel free to let me know! Please make sure to confirm gig details with the official site in advance.

Coming in 2015:
3rd October - Girl Band and The Altered Hours in The Pav
7th October- Ron Sexsmith in The Pav
9th October - The G-Man presents...Marisa Anderson in The Black Mariah (Triskel 2nd Floor)

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