Three For Three #2

Three more bands from three counties for Three Sisters...

In conjunction with Three Sisters 2020*, the collective currently championing the wealth of creativity to be found on the south-east coast of Ireland, the Three For Three series will focus on bands/artists from Kilkenny, Waterford and Wexford.

1. Kerbdog

Having exploded back out of retirement a few years ago, Kilkenny's Kerbdog are still showing the "kids" how live rock shows work: sweaty, loud and anthem heavy. Fronted by 2FM's by Cormac Battle, grungy goodness to for the greater good.

Listen to: Sally (below), Mexican Wave, J.J.'s Song

2. O Emperor

From the Midlake-esque psych-folk of d├ębut record Hither Thither to the more sonically adventurous soundscapes of 2013 follow-up Vitreous and this year's excellent Lizard EP, O Emperor refuse to stand still. A couple of Choice Music Prize nominations and an already dazzling discography back up their status as one of the best bands in the country.

Listen to: Switchblade (below), Contact, Po 

3. The River Fane 

Spawned by Wexford natives Derren Dempsey and Johnny Fox following a previous collaboration with the heavier-inclined LaminateThe River Fane's double EP release in 2011 showed real promise. Four years later, with the foursome that seemingly having disappeared into oblivion, out pops Ah Here, a lesson in lo-fi loveliness.

Listen to: Tea (below), Write It Down, Rialto 2

*In a bid to win the title of European Capital of Culture for Ireland in 2020 the three counties of Kilkenny, Waterford & Wexford have come together to transform the South East region and collectively focus the creative & cultural energy of Ireland’s most dynamic landscape.

For more on Three Sisters 2020 visit:

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