Young Hearts Run Free in September

Partake in a YHRF binge during Dublin Fringe...

The lovely crew over at Young Hearts Run Free are some of the most hard-working, loveliest folk a blogger ever did meet so capital critters should rejoice in the news that not one but two YHRF events are happening over the next ten days.

1. Life Has Surface Noise #3
First up is the the third edition of Life Has Surface Noise at the Peacock/Abbey Theatre. Always an illuminating discussion, the chat will wander delightfully from music and thoughts of the moment to "how a space can be soundtracked so intimately by a record". This is happening on Monday 14th September and will feature Cork's most gentlemanly disc-spinner Stevie G(rainger), writer Karl Whitney, and fellow music lovers Nialler9, Peter Toomey, Annie Atkins and some surprise guests. Make sure and get your tickets here.

2. The Nineteenth Autumn
Less than a week later it's off to The Freemasons for some swilling and chugging on the tail of a Tiger (Beer), whilst simultaneously being entranced by Icelandic foursome Mafama, Scottish troubadour Alasdair Roberts, Sunken Foal, Alison Spittle, Patrick Kelleher, Philip Connaughton, Jet Setter and more surprise guests. This one's on Saturday 19th September with tickets available here.

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- Dublin Fringe Festival runs 7th-20th September 2015
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