Cork gig guide: 20th-27th October 2015 Jazz Special

This week in Cork: Jazzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Where to start and where to end, when to break and when to bend? All questions to be mulled over whilst simultaneously developing chronic carpal muscle syndrome due to overly enthusiastic jazz hands. "The Jazz" is simply too big a beast to handle in a single preview so make sure to check out the Friday-Sunday running orders posted yesterday. A few personal recommendations are to keep an eye on  pretty much everything planned by Plugd this weekend (see here for a rundown), GoGo Penguin in Triskel (Sunday) and Booka Brass Band in Cork Opera House late on Saturday night. Whatever your plan of action, ensure to round off a stellar weekend with a visit to The Bodega for Get The Blessing, jazz powered by Portishead's rhythm section (if you didn't catch them in Crane Lane Sunday of course!).

J. Rocc (Stones Throw) in Urban Jungle, Sunday afternoon.

Also going down around town this week:
For a day-by-day breakdown of gigs taking place in both Cork city and county over the next three weeks see below.
Tuesday, 20th October 
calm before the storm

Wednesday, 21st October 
- Emmet Scanlan (11.30pm) in The Crane Lane Theatre

Thursday, 22nd October 
- Boomtown Rats in Cork Opera House
- Wyvern Lingo in Cyprus Avenue
- Louise O'Hanlon (6.30pm), Niall McCabe Band (10pm) and Midnight Jazzy Rambles (12am) in The Oliver Plunkett
- Cookie & The Vaudevilles (11pm) in The Oliver Plunkett (Upstairs)
- Songlines in The Roundy
- Cuttin' Heads Collective (DJs) in Urban Jungle

Friday, 23rd October 
- Jerry Fish's Electric Sideshow in Cork Opera House
- Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. in The Crane Lane Theatre
- Crazy Chester in Coughlan's
- Fight Like Apes (8pm), Kormac (11.30pm) in Cyprus Avenue
- Djevara, Clearfell and Xenarthra in Fred Zeppelin's
- Floating Joints XXX: Joni and Richie Kaboogie in The Slate
- Clare Sands Quintet (1pm), Briony (4pm), Brother Sledge (7.30pm), Stomptown Brass Band (11pm) and Guilty Judges (1am) in The Oliver Plunkett
- Strange Attractor (6pm), Stonefox (9pm), Blu Tack & The Greenhorns (12am) in The Oliver Plunkett (Upstairs)
- Big Generator in Reardens
- Blue Note Jazz in The Roundy
- Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld Duo in Triskel Christchurch
- PingPong & STRANGER: Inga Copeland in Triskel TDC
- Giveamanakick in De Barra's (Clonakilty)
- Suitcase Junket in Pine Lodge (Myrtleville)

Saturday, 24th October
- The Coronas (8pm), Booka Brass Band in Cork Opera House
- Hot Guitars in Coughlan's
- Zaska (4pm), Rhythmites (9pm) in The Crane Lane Theatre
- Something Happens (8pm), Flashmob (11pm) in Cyprus Avenue
- Marcus Miller's Afrodeezia in Everyman Palace Theatre
- Mockingbird in Fred Zeppelin's
- Clare Sands Quintet (1pm), Art Crimes Band (4pm), Created By Comets (7.30pm), Donna Dunne (11pm) and Jack & The Judges (1am) in The Oliver Plunkett
- Busquitos (6pm), Rob Strong (9pm), Blu Tack & The Greenhorns (12am) in The Oliver Plunkett (Upstairs)
- Sinnerboy (8pm), Blackalicious (10pm) in The Pav
- Guilty Judges Got Soul (6pm), Bad Girls Groove (10pm) in Reardens
Blue Note Jazz in The Roundy
- RTE ConTempo Quartet (free lunchtime concert) in Triskel Christchurch
- Savina Yannatou w/ Barry Guy & Francesco Turrissi and Umbra (8pm) in Triskel Christchurch

Sunday, 25th October
- Gary Numan in Cork Opera House
- Voiceworks Workshop (12.30pm), Unknowns (7pm) and Niall McCabe Band (9.30pm) in Coughlan's
- James Taylor Quartet (2pm), Interskalactic (4pm), TĂșcan (6.30pm), Get The Blessing (9pm) in The Crane Lane Theatre
- These Charming Men (8pm), Huxley (11pm) in Cyprus Avenue
- Mockingbird (6pm), 101% Pantera (10pm) in Fred Zeppelin's
- Clare Sands Quintet (1pm), Briony (4pm), Cosmic Funk Band (7.30pm), Donna Dunne (11pm) and Guilty Judges (1am) in The Oliver Plunkett
- The Dan Clan (1.30pm), Collage (6pm), Rob Strong (9pm), Blu Tack & The Greenhorns (12am) in The Oliver Plunkett (Upstairs)
- Hot Sprockets (11pm) in The Pav
- Donna Dunne (6pm), New York Brass Band (10pm) in Reardens
Blue Note Jazz in The Roundy
- Music Network Artist Residency Launch concert: Phil Ware Trio feat. Peter Bernstein (2.30pm) in Triskel Christchurch
- GoGo Penguin and 3G (8pm) in Triskel Christchurch
- Optimo in Triskel Project Space
- J. Rocc (Stones Throw) in Urban Jungle
- TĂșcan in De Barra's (Clonakilty)
- The Rhythmites in Pine Lodge (Myrtleville)

Monday, 26th October
- Weird Glitches (2pm), Get The Blessing (5pm) in The Bodega
- The Drifters in Cork Opera House
- The Busquitos in Coughlan's
- Jazz Improv (3pm), Paul Dunlea Group (6.30pm), Strange Attractor (9pm), Naildrivers (11.30pm) in The Crane Lane Theatre
- Jack L in Cyprus Avenue
- Mockingbird (6pm) in Fred Zeppelin's
- Laoise O'Hanlon Quartet (3pm), Busquitos (6pm) and The Cassettes (9.30pm) in The Oliver Plunkett
- Strange Attractor (7pm), Stonefox (10.30pm) in The Oliver Plunkett (Upstairs)
- Jazzy Mon Club with Thank Funk in Reardens
- Tucan in De Barra's (Clonakilty)
- Head Over Heels in Pine Lodge (Myrtleville)

Tuesday, 27th October

If I have forgotten a show or listed a gig incorrectly feel free to let me know! Please make sure to confirm gig details with the official site in advance.

Coming in 2015:
29th October - Inni-K in Coughlan's
30th October - Simone Felice in Coughlan's

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