New music: Alex G

Alex Giannascoli aka Alex G
"Bright boy please return to me". Alex G's Brite Boy is certainly that...

Remember those evening walks home when you were tiny (be it of age, height or heart)? The ones where you've just had the most perfect day and the sun is so excited that it's refusing to set and your smile has sliced your face open so wide that the top of your head might just fall off but you just don't care. You've got your favourite t-shirt on and everyone laughed at your joke that you delivered with Mitch Hedberg-like precision and you've all agreed on the most perfect plan that will be put into action when you all next meet. Everything has played out so perfectly you find it all a little overwhelming as, even in your youth, you're not sure if many more of these moments are still ahead of you. With its straight-to-the-heart-of-the-matter melody, sauntering guitar and achingly simple question and answer vocals (with himself) clipped to the spokes, Alex G's 'Brite Boy' pedals me straight back to one of those evenings. I'm afraid if I turn it off I'll have to let it go. It's been on repeat ever since.

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