Co-Present in Cork

The Roundy on Castle Street to host The Co-Present...

Champions of Irish Music The Co-Present have locked their Dublin studios up tight for 2015 and are heading Cork-ward to broadcast one last show before the turn of the year. Featuring live performances by Cork musicians Slow Motion Heroes and Jack O'Rourke, the show - broadcasting live from The Roundy from 5pm on Saturday, 19th December - will also features chits and chats with various folks taking a welcome break from their Christmas shopping, including myself. Thanks to presenter Dwayne Woods for the invite!

Also, check out The Co-Present's Christmas compilation featuring contributions from Irish artists such as Glen Hansard, I Am Niamh, Sleep Thieves and Cork's own Jack O'Rourke and The Goldfish Syndrome. Stream/download the festive collection over on bandcamp.

For more on The Co-Present visit:

- The Co-Present broadcasts live from The Roundy, Cork on Saturday 19th December 2015

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