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Little Green Cars

Touring with Hozier, new records and the art of angling - speaking with Little Green Cars’ Stevie Appleby ahead of their upcoming Live At St. Luke’s appearance...

The following article was first published by Cork's Evening Echo on Thursday, 26th November 2015

“I'm 23 and I’ve never caught a fish”, sighs Little Green Cars main man Stevie Appleby. “So I'm planning a fishing trip to put that right.” Speaking of the comedown that follows a sold out U.S. tour with the ubiquitous Hozier, the guitarist admits he finds it hard to readjust. Hence trying to invent novel ways to keep himself occupied. “The simple answer is yes, it's surreal and there is no routine. When I came back I sat down, put out my book, with a cup of tea, ash tray and some music and within ten minutes I was as bored as all hell. It's hard going from 100 to 0! You've just got to go into hibernation, store up some energy. They say that some people escape into books but with touring it feels like you’re escaping the book and coming back to real life. I can't wait till things get going again, but when they do I'll complain that I’ve got no down time, that’s just the way it is.”

Honest and always willing to brighten our conversation with a quip or two (apparently the LGC bus driver, Cliff, “has had to learn to pilot the private jet” to keep up with the quintet’s success), Stevie is evidently eager to see the band’s second album hit the shelves in early 2016. With d├ębut record Absolute Zero heading straight to number one in 2013, there is a heavy amount of expectation awaiting the follow-up’s release. Stevie prefers to remain focused on the positives a new batch of recordings brings. “True, making a new record has a lot of pressure with it but it's nice not having to introduce yourself all over again. You just show up and say ‘hey, it's us again, here's what's new’.”

And the music itself? “I think quite a bit of this new record might be a surprise. A lot of things have changed, but not in a deliberate ‘let's shock people’ way, more it’s just a different stage in our lives. I hope that no matter how different things may sound you'll still know it was us. Our approach to this album was very different to begin with, as we have co-produced it, so it was a whole new challenge for us. Some things might work, some things might not. You hear constantly about a magic moment that happens in the studio. Naturally, I was sceptical of anything known as a ‘magic moment’ but it did come and it took us all by surprise. "

Having first spoken to the band before their support slot for The Antlers in Cyprus Avenue in 2011, the band have since played prestigious Cork venues such as the Everyman Palace and Cork Opera House. Live At St. Luke’s will be their latest in a long line of ventures down south, all remembered fondly by Stevie.

“Cork has always been a great place for us. Two of us have the place in our blood so it's a home away from home. I’ve never been so confused by just how warm a reception we have gotten there, the first time we came they treated us like old friends who had just been away. Once, this restaurant gave us free fish and chips and then had us take a picture with the chefs. Then this boxing champion came in - he even had his belt with him - and got in the picture. That photo - us, the chefs and the boxing guy - is out there somewhere and I think it sums Cork up pretty well. We can’t wait to come back.”

Upcoming Little Green Cars tour dates:
  • 10th December - De Barra's, Clonakilty
  • 11th December - Live At St. Luke's, St. Luke's Church, Cork
  • 23rd December - RTE 2FM Xmas Ball in aid of ISPCC, 3Arena, Dublin (w/ Hozier)

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- Little Green Cars play St. Luke’s Church Friday, 11th December
- Tickets are €25 (plus booking fee) and available online at

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