The G-Man meets Quarter Block Party

low trees stage to be presented by yours truly at QBP16...

Quarter Block Party unveiled the first part of the 2016 programme to a gathering of excited, rosy-cheeked revelers with a lovely get-together in Gulpd Cafe on Monday evening. With exciting names such as The Spook of the Thirteenth LockBitch Falcon and Daniel Knox already announced, I am both thrilled and proud to announce that I have been asked to curate a stage. The low trees stage presented by The G-Man will play host to three artists very close to my heart:

Rozi Plain
Rozi's third album, Friend, has won and warmed the hearts of anyone whose ears have been lucky enough to come across the London-based songwriter's latest offering. Having wowed with three different sets at Iceland Airwaves earlier this year, the dancing lights and colours of songs such as Jogalong and Actually will forever be linked to the aurora borealis for me. I hope all Block Party goers have the chance to wrap their own memories in Rozi songs in February.

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When not busy with being one half of Pascal Pinon, one third of Samaris, and a prominent point of the Reykjavík supergroup Gangly triangle, Jófríður Ákadóttir creates tender and compelling compositions solely as Jófríður. Another artist that slowed the beat of my heart at Iceland Airwaves this year, I am thrilled to have the chance to help showcase the wonderful work of Jófríður.

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Although 16 years in Cork at this stage, Wexford-blood still beats in my veins so it's a pleasure to invite Slaneyside soul-folk duo Basciville to Leeside to be a part of the QBP gathering. Debut EP Blues In Red has seen brothers Byrne (Cillian and Lorcan) already headlining a stage at this year's Hard Working Class Heroes festival and featuring prominently on national newspaper the Irish Times. Expect big things from Basciville.

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Stay tuned in the new year for venue details.

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- Quarter Block Party takes place in Cork from 5th-7th February 2016
- Tickets are priced €35/40 and are on sale now over on

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