Aftermath: Quarter Block Party '16

Rozi Plain at Quarter Block Party
Thank you for the music...
..and absolutely everything else. From an Abba singalong to Meltybrains? covering Britney Spears, year two of Quarter Block Party generated good vibes a-plenty up and down Cork's North and South Main Streets. Tasked with curating the low trees stage at Amp, it was a thrilling experience to see all the festival fans flocking into a pretty much unknown venue for four fantastic bands.

A huge thanks to Rozi Plain and band, Jófríður and Ásta, Basciville and The Bonk for bringing such energy and brilliance to the stage, Eden for his sound wizardry, Hannon, Leoni and Irene for their help transforming a nightclub into a live music venue, all the staff at Amp, Aisling, Caoilian, Eimear, Leah, Úna, Gianluca and all of the amazing Quarter Block Party crew for their help and for assembling such a great weekend of colours and sounds and for all the lovely people that turned up loaded with smiles and energy. Oh and don't forget our feathery friend, Phelim the festival pheasant who turned up at Amp on the night. Roll on QBP '17.

Phelim at low trees
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