New album: Mothers

photo by Kristin Karch
Mothers' day fast approaches...

Voiced by Kristine Leschper, Matthew Anderegg, Drew Kirby and Patrick Morales complete the indie-folk quartet that is Athens, Georgia's Mothers. The first thing that strikes the ears is how eerily similar Leschper's yodel is to compatriot Angel Olsen. This may send listeners down multiple routes (such as back to Olsen's own slowly expanding back catalogue) but for those that stick with it there is plenty on When You Walk a Long Distance You Are Tired to fall for in its own right. The tumbling, teetering tension of Copper Mines, the slow, sombre swell of Blood-letting ("I crawl back into myself alone") and the heart-melting mandolin ballad that is Too Small For Eyes are just titbits of what fills the foursome's first full-length with staying power. Consider me converted.

Upcoming U.K. tour dates:
  • 24th February - Servant Jazz Quarters, London
  • 26th February - The Lexington, London
  • 27th February - Rough Trade East, London
  • 18-21st August - Green Man Festival
  • 2-4th September - End of the Road Festival

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When You Walk a Long Distance You Are Tired by Mothers is out 29th February 2016

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